Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Why I Joined The Six Figure Mentors – SFM

The reason why I joined the Six Figure Mentors at that time was because I was not fulfilled in my job. 30 years in my job and I did not like it anymore. At that time I was looking for another solution for my future. But when I applied for a different job than my background (my background is in chemistry) I had no chance to get the job.At that time I was doing some personal development seminars in England. It was a long series of courses. So I flew many times from Switzerland to London to attend these courses. It started in November 2009 and the last one was in July 2011.During this time Daniel Wagner, the co-Founder of SFM at that time, held a presentation about internet marketing and what options you have nowadays outside of a job. After this intro to internet marketing, my wife, we where doing these courses together, said to me, that’s exactly what you are looking for. So I signed up to the Six Figure Mentors.My luck was that my wife was with me. Because when I would be alone at t

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